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Community-built documentation for Bespoke Synth. Official docs here.

  • You can find the most recent builds for Mac/Windows/Linux at, or in the Releases section on GitHub

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overview video

Here is a video detailing basic usage of Bespoke, including a bunch of less-obvious shortcuts and workflow features.

There are some things in this video that are slightly out of date (I should make a new video!), but there is still plenty of useful information in there.

Basic Usage Walkthrough video.



  • space bar + move mouse to pan, or right-click drag in empty space
  • space bar + mousewheel/trackpad-scroll to zoom, or scroll in empty space
  • if you get lost, press ~ to bring up the console, type “home”, and press enter to reset to the initial position and zoom
  • if you have enabled the minimap in the settings, you can click on the minimap to directly go to a location -at the bottom of the mimimap you can click on 9 bookmark buttons -hold shift while clicking will store your current location into that bookmark button -use shift+[num] to go to the specified bookmark

creating modules

  • drag items out of the top bar menus OR
  • hold the first letter of a module and drag them out of the popup menu
  • to delete a module, lasso select + backspace OR use the triangle menu and choose “delete module”
  • to duplicate a module, hold alt/option and drag from the title bar


  • drag the circle from the bottom of a module to the target OR click the circle then click the target to patch
  • drag a cable and press backspace to unpatch
  • hold shift while grabbing a patch cable circle to split
  • hold shift while releasing a patch cable on a target to insert
  • drag a module by the title bar and touch its circle to another module, or the mouse pointer to another module’s circle, to quick patch

ui controls

  • click or drag a slider to adjust its value
  • hold shift to fine-tune
  • while hovered: -use mousewheel/trackpad-scroll to adjust (shift to fine-tune) -type a value into a slider (such as 1.5) and press enter -type an expression into a slider (such as 1/16 or +=10) and press enter
    -press up or down to increase the value by 1 (hold shift for .01) -press [ or ] to halve or double the value -press \ to reset to the initial value
  • hold alt/option and drag to adjust slew amount (smoothing)
  • right click a slider to add an LFO -click and drag a green modulated slider vertically to adjust the modulation min, and horizontally to adjust the modulation max
  • hold ctrl/command and click the lower or upper half of a slider to adjust that slider’s minimum or maximum value, to give it increased or reduced range (warning! increasing range can lead to unpredictable behavior in some cases)


  • “write audio” button: write the last 30 minutes of audio to the /data/recordings folder, perfect for making sure you don’t miss any cool moments
  • “save state” button: save the current layout to a file. shortcut: ctrl-s
  • “load state” button: load previously saved layouts. shortcut: ctrl-l

key commands

  • ctrl/command-‘s’: save
  • ctrl/command-‘l’: load
  • shift-‘p’: pause audio processing. this will stop all audio output. press shift-‘p’ again to resume
  • F2: toggle displaying all ADSR controls as sliders